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Mihirini de Zoysa

We used symbolism and imagery in a symbiotic approach to tell the story of the client’s brand identity that would also showcase her coaching strategy.


Create a personal brand identity, website and social connection strategy to promote the client's 'life and leadership' coaching business.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Social

  • Design

    Identity, Branding, Art Direction, Website

  • Client

    Mihirini de Zoysa

Open Project
Reimagining An Identity

Usage of Symbolism


The undulating lines of shades of blue in the logo were inspired by waves, topography and the human face.


The topographical imagery symbolises the coaching journey to self-discovery.


The imagery of the faces here is also a signpost to the different professional personas – the Coach, the Wayfinder and the Storyweaver.


The idea of Kintsugi comes from the Japanese art and practice of mending broken pottery, using gold lacquer to mend the broken pieces.


The container is an invitation to rest, rejuvenate and reimagine oneself.

Merging The Symbols

A Symbiotic Relationship

By merging the concepts of the above symbolisms we created a unique identity for the client that started her on a reimagining journey with her audience. The colours gave her brand to be easy-on-the-eyes, and the shape to be easily adaptable on any medium/platform.

Digital Presence

A Humanised Social Connection

We created a digital home for Mihirini to tell her story and the journey with her audience, while rebranding her existing social channels and creating new ones to gain more reach. We gave structure to her stories in how they need to be told online while keeping things meaningful and interesting to her audience, along with a social strategy that was easily sustainable and adaptable on any platform.

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