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කෑම Kaema TV

කෑම Kaema TV celebrates Sri Lankan cuisine in all its greatness. Our digital-centric go-to-market approach has allowed the user-base to grow exponentially while keeping engagement levels at above-industry standards. The go-to-market campaign also took advantage of radio as a result of a collaboration with TNL Radio Network.

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    Identity, Branding, Art Direction

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    The Last Word.

Open Project

A common food platform that caters to the countless culinary traditions of the South-Asian audience.

කෑම Kaema TV aims to be Sri Lanka’s culinary hub online. The sheer visual spectacle of Sri Lankan food and its cooking is, sadly, never captured by many of the food channels in the market. කෑම Kaema TV is here to change that.

කෑම Kaema TV is your one-stop resource for all Sri Lankan recipe videos. Easy-to-follow instructions, recipes in Sinhala and English, a wide array of Sri Lankan dishes and European favourites – all presented beautifully on a modern website, optimized for mobile. කෑම Kaema TV is your Sri Lankan cookbook in your pocket.

Identity and Branding

Deriving Brand Colours

With the platform being primarily catered towards a Sri Lankan audience we took the colour inspiration directly from the national flag, bringing about a feeling of nationalist pride towards Sri Lankan cooking and cuisine.

kaema identity colours

Speaking the right language

කෑම Kaema TV adopted a dual-lingo approach in communicating with its audience by speaking both Sinhala (local) and English (international) in its content and marketing materials. Since කෑම Kaema TV is an educational cooking platform, this was a way to allow local cooking enthusiasts to also learn and understand international cooking lingo and phrases.

කෑම Kaema TV uses the sub-brand Kaema Katha (trans. Food Talk) for social media conversations and engagement across Instagram and Facebook, while keeping it simply to කෑම Kaema TV on YouTube and other video-based platforms.

Creating an identity that is responsive

In this modern age of the internet and the growth of social media it is fitting for කෑම Kaema TV to adopt accordingly to any social media platform in order to speak to its audience. This influences the audience to think the brand is flexible and approachable no matter what platform it connects with.

Kaema TV logo variations

Responsive design across mediums

With more and more people adopting their smartphones to view content instead of relying on the traditional desktop/laptop computer, කෑම Kaema TV had to cater to every type of viewer by enabling the platform to be easily viewed on any device. With this it also enables cooking enthusiasts to easily browse through and experience the website on any preferred device when they are in cooking.


Presence across multiple social platforms

Being able to capture and captivate your audience is a key aim of any social content. And it’s all the more reason to have presence on the most popular social media platforms to engage with your audience based on their personally preferred choice of social medium.

Engaging the audience

At the heart of කෑම Kaema TV is the need to educate about cooking, food types and healthy eating; all the while entertaining its audience. Content types varied from blog articles, infographic visuals to recipe videos and cooking shows.

The audience is given opportunities to drop in recipe suggestions they’d like to see on කෑම Kaema TV. This kept the audience engagement high and the fans count climbing week by week.

උයන්න Cook.
බෙදන්න Serve.
ෂෙයා කරන්න Share.

Cooking shows with celebrities and food enthusiasts

Sweet Brinjal recipe with Chassy
How to make Sweet Brinjal Moju with Chassy (TNL Radio)
Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Cuttlefish recipe
Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Cuttlefish recipe with Shanjei (Galle Fort Walks)

Recipe videos

Umbalakada Sambol recipe
Umbalakada Sambol recipe

Signature/Specialty recipe videos

kaema tv rainbow idiyappa series
Rainbow-flavoured Organic String Hoppers recipe

Holiday/Seasonal recipe videos

kaema tv christmas recipes

Food and cooking tips

Kaema 101

Health tips

Kaema 101

Brand-able content for marketers

කෑම Kaema TV was designed and inspired with marketers and brands in mind. This would allow brands to easily integrate their marketing campaigns on the platform, with branded cooking videos and standalone brand pages to connect with Kaema fans.

Branded recipe video

Kaema TV branded video
Mango Jelly recipe (for Diabetics)

Brand-able video intro/outro

branded content

Brand-able ingredients section

branded content

උයන්න Cook. බෙදන්න Serve. ෂෙයා කරන්න Share.

A Recipe for a Digital Culinary Revolution
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