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FIEND Streetwear

FIEND is a high-quality designer street wear brand which creates authentically unique designs to cater to the youth market while resonating with youth street culture.


Create identity, branding and packaging design that is innovative and modern street culture.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Branding, Art Direction, Packaging

  • Client

    FIEND Streetwear


Word on the street

Inspired by grassroots streetwear, the identity needed to resonate with youth culture and take on a minimalist approach. Clean patterns mixed with a dose of punk, skinhead and gothic vibes the identity soon took on a life-form.

Colour theory

FIEND identity colours
FIEND streetwear logo

Art is pattern informed by sensibility

We derived the branding look-and-feel from sticking to simple, thin and thick lines that captures the eye from any angle. And streetwear is all about projecting one’s own personality so we reflected this in the brand language.

pattern 3
pattern 1
pattern 2
T-shirt design

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

fiend tshirt design
fiend tshirt design
fiend tshirt design
fiend tshirt design
fiend tshirt design
Packaging design

Sustainable and repurposed

We believe a product’s packaging should always be designed so that it can repurposed for reuse instead of being discarded. Our approach made it so that the packaging had perforations to cut out multiple clothes hangers out of the cardboard material.

fiend packaging
fiend packaging
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