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BLERD is an online culture magazine dedicated to nourishing our cultural landscape with seeds for thought, inspiration and action. With online content on the up-rise BLERD took a first-to-market approach and gained ground in changing the content landscape in Sri Lanka, with shows such as #Economix4All and #AchchiTalksCricket.


Build an online content platform to drive entertaining and informative content around current affairs, trending topics, history and culture.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Content Strategy

  • Design

    Identity, Branding, Art Direction

  • Client

    The Last Word.

Open Project
BLERD website

A platform for great stories ‒ and good stories are the sustenance that cultures need to thrive, on the ground and online.


Speaking aloud

The identity and logo was formulated for the brand to have a bold personality, making the brand persona to be adventurous, engaging and modern.

Colour theory

BLERD identity colours

Tagline with a purpose

The tagline is a call-to-action that tells more than one story ‒ used with modern web chat-like lingo and elements ‒ asking the audience to see for themselves, think, and seed by sharing the story/message to others.


BLERD. logo with CTA tagline

On brand from start to finish

Every story has a beginning and an end. The story in the middle is what captivates us. And every story needs an intro and an extro.


BLERD intro


BLERD extro
Brand-able Content

Identifying signature shows

We branded shows to give them their unique style and take, while still staying to true to the main brand.

Achchi Talks Cricket


BLERD. MasterClass

Every frame in motion

Taking on a modern approach and staying true to the brand’s vision of great storytelling, the brand and platform’s mission is to find and tell a story even in a single frame. With this approach the ‘moving pictures’ concept (inspired by the Harry Potter movies) was a key visual element that was implemented on the platform.

The identity/logo also took on the ‘moving pictures’ approach on the digital space.

Achchi Talks Cricket
Human Zoos
Lost Pages of Colombo

Visually and emotionally engaging audiences. Starting conversations around the story

We found interesting stories and gave them wings ‒ stories that resonate with audiences, keeping them relevant, informative and engaging.

Achchi Talks Cricket

Achchi Talks Cricket
Achchi Talks Cricket

You’ve never heard cricket stories quite like this before.

“Ask me about cricket, putha, and I’ll talk as much as you want” – Achchi


Economix4all - EP1 - Breaking Buth

Taking economics back to the streets – where it belongs.


BLERD Master Class show
BLERD MasterClass [Trailer]

Providing unique perspectives on filmmakers and their workflow process. Interviews that provide insights to film buffs and amateurs interested in a career in Film.

Colombo Timelapse

Colombo Timelapse
Colombo Timelapse

Colombo is closer to fulfilling its destiny as the focal point of the Sri Lankan kaleidoscope.

Data visualization

Giving life and meaning to data through rich visualization

The devil is in the details. Data has never been easy to understand for the everyday layman. Through rich visualization we made data simple to understand, together with storytelling. The show Economix4All had the audience engaged, informed and vying to learn more.


Seeds for thought, inspiration and action.

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